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The Resource Fair Memoir

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog post! This week, I’ll be talking about my experience at Villanova’s VSB Student Resource Fair, which happened on September 4th. Like many fairs at VSB, it was held in the Nydick Family Commons, and many tables were set up around the room to help students like myself engage in conversations with the people there. I stopped by as many as I could to get a better feel for the types of sources I could take advantage of during my time as a VSB student.

The first person I talked with, Laura, told me about the mentoring program for sophomores that helps narrow down one’s career path. Even though I couldn’t apply for the program until next year, I felt great about learning information ahead of time so I can be better informed when application time arrives.

The next person I talked with was named Martae. She told me about the ICE program. Aside from a required project in every VSB freshman’s Business Dynamics class, if a group has an idea for a product, they can supply grant funding, apply for an incubator program, and receive feedback on the product. I thought this was one of the more valuable tables to gain information from because as I learn more about the current world of business and the demands that must be met, the ability to develop a new product in a place where new ideas are accepted and reformed for the better is priceless. If any of you have an idea you’d like to reach out to me about, please comment your product idea and your email below! I will try and email you with any information you need to get in touch with the ICE program here.

 After talking to Laura and Martae, I looked for any booths that could help me learn more about studying abroad, which I planned to do at least once during my time as a student at Villanova. I stopped at a table that was planning to hold information sessions about studying abroad, where a man named Kyle showed me how to sign up for an email list that would tell me where these sessions would be held. At another booth, a different Laura excitedly told me about some scholarship opportunities that I could apply for whenever I wanted to study abroad. Laura’s table was the most valuable to me because I was worried I’d have to sacrifice my desire to study abroad if it meant I couldn’t pay for my expenses during my time there.

The people I talked to and the information I learned at the VSB Student Resource Fair has already improved my time here at Villanova, and it was an invaluable experience that I can’t help but share with you. If any of you have anything to add, make sure to share this post and comment below what your takeaway was from the event. Tune in next week for new posts!


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